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Question-whiteLevel 135 is Impossible

by Byron Alexander - Aug 09, 2012 Star_s119,568 views

How many times have you seen two 'package' sweets (candy) alongside each other? Very rarely I will wager. How many times have you had it twice in a game. Probably never. Well level 135 demands you do it twice in a game.

By 'package' sweets (candy) I mean the candy that is contained in a sort of wrapper or clear envelope.

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Here is an updated video clip for Level 135 with the chocolate bombs, and a Candy Crush Saga Level 135 guide to go with it. I hope this helps.


OK...I just got through the board on my first try...with 3 Stars and 12 moves remaining!!! (After reading another blog page that gave some tips!!!) So here is what I've just learned, I hope this helps!!!

First, definitely work from the bottom. It creates greater cascades and allows for more matching options. IF you happen to get a "Sprinkle Ball", USE IT!!! It will eliminate more colored candies and leave more match options of the screen!!!

Second, and this I JUST discovered, is probably the EASIEST, less stressful pointer, you do NOT need to have the "Wrapped Candies" side by side or right on top of each other....SO LONG AS YOU ARE ABLE TO EXPLODE THEM AT THE SAME TIME, it counts!!!

Always be cognizant of those pesky chocolates but don't waste too much time on them. If you can wipe 'em out with "Stripe" or a "Sprinkle" that'll work! :-)

I hope this helps!!! Happy Crushing!!! LOL


@Norm Miller I updated the pinned video with the correct one now. thank you for noticing! 



I am looking for help on level 135, however I have yet to read a post that shows the same requirements as I am seeing. I am being asked to fill 5 orders of the sprinkle ball. Granted I have only been playing this today, but this is still a very challenging task.


To effectively and efficiently clear this level, you need to understand about selection, positioning and playing to the objective of this level. Essentially this is in the generic strategy I have written to help any players wanting to achieve high levels in this game without spending a single cent on boosters and without using cheats. Read the strategies all here http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/p/generic-strategies-for.html
When you are ready for the video, click here http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-saga-level-135.html


Thanks everybody for posting here. I have been trying to complete this level for a long time. I thought that I had to get six PURPLE wrapped candies because the candy was purple in the order. After reading here I went back to the level to see if getting any color wrapped piece reduced the order count. Let down when the first one didn't but by chance two more moves put another wrapped piece next to the first and when I combined these the order count went down by 2. Set up two more two wrapped combos and completed the level with three stars!


They've changed this level when playing from a browser. You need to make 6 wrapped candies and match them. The mobile version still requires the 2 wrapped candy combinations. That's crazy hard. Go with the browser version through fb.


I have been playing level 135 on Candy Crush on my phone for a couple of weeks now. The goal was to collect two sets of wrapped candies and burst them....I started playing on the laptop and the goal on the same level (135), the goal is to collect 6 wrapped candies. Anybody else notice this?


I don't have a problem getting them but they always blow up before I can get them where I want them. I am so tired of this level.


135 impossibile? Wait until you see the 183, then we'll talk. :)


I can actually get the two wrapped candies next to each other the problem I am having is my power ups trigger when they shouldn't. I will get two wrapped candies together then bam they explode before I can switch them. I'm so close to just saying f it and getting off the candy crush train because of this.


That level IS impossible. I'm close to just ditch the game. Plenty of other games out there to replace it.
They make it so difficult so that people BUY BUY BUY the power-ups. Takes the fun out of it for me.


Remember there is no time limit, so plan your moves wisely and you will do it! The best technique that worked for me is get rid of the chocolate first, so you have more of a chance of matching a T or L shape ;)


This level is doable : )

you get a wrapped candy for creating a T or an L shape. You will have a lot more opportunities for this if you use the chocolate sprinkle balls that you get for getting five in a row. Once you have used the sprinkle ball and it eliminates one colour, there will be more opportunities to get a T or an L. Take your time. Sometimes you can move things around so that you create your own opportunity to make a T or an L. YOu will be happy when you get past it. Try to get some 5 in a row sprinkle balls and then eliminate the colour that you see most of on the board.

I hope this helps!!

Sharon : )


I am close to giving up on this game as well.I am well and truly stuck on level 135,was enjoying the game up until this point :(


Yes i am also stuck for months, ready to give up on the game totally

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