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Question-whiteNeed solve for Pharaoh's riddle

by Janice Janes - Jun 24, 2012 Star_s2,646 views

Anyone gotten to this level and know the answer?

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12-em-plus add reply

Option 1
You send one screw at a time to someone that has the sphinx (*make sure they have enough room in their daily gift allowance* ) Then they have to send 2 or more bolts back to you so that you don't keep getting the screws back. Lol
Option 2
If they already have the exact number of the nuts you need they can send you all of them at one time. Then you send that player 1 screw at a time & they won't need to find someone to swap with later when they need them.
Option 3
Send each other 1 screw at a time at the same time & you both have nuts. :D


but i've sent many times... it's still not working! How and what do i need to do? is it related to diamond eye or pyramid?


You have to send a screw to someone that has the Sphinx and it will turn into a nut.

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