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Light-bulbOver 107,000 people "like" Gamers Unite! (updated June 5, 2010)

by Alan Attebery - May 31, 2010 Star_s380 views

What an amazing two months this has been.

When I first discovered Gamers Unite! during the last week of March, the site was just beginning to get noticed. A more accurate version of the FarmVille Snag Bar had just been released, the "Get Gifts" page for FarmVille had recently been added, and the Gamers Unite! Fan Page had fewer than 7,000 "likes".

During the past two months, three major events happened that helped to get the Gamers Unite! name out there:

First, Facebook started grouping all "similar posts" together and, in the process, screwed up one of their API feeds. This change and glitch caused just about every program out there to stop working, including Zynga's own toolbar. The Snag Bar developers were one of the first to find a temporary workaround for this glitch just a day after everything went bonkers. A couple of weeks later, the Gamers Unite! "My Feed" pages debuted for every Facebook game. This meant users could see what reward posts had been made on their News Feed without having to click anything. With feeds down all over the place, and Facebook users ticked off at having to repeated click "show similar posts" in order to see everything, people began flocking to Gamers Unite! to use one or both of these tools.

Second, Zynga changed the reward posts link so that you not only had to click a second link in order to accept the item, but you had to battle your farm trying to load after each reward post you accepted. While we still don't know why Zynga made this change, we do know that just about everyone hated this new system. Less than a day after this occurred, the Snag Bar developers modified the Snag Bar to work with the new system. Word quickly spread, and people began joining Gamers Unite! in order to install the Snag Bar so they wouldn't have to mess with their farm trying to load.

Third, people began spreading lies, misinformation, and rumors around about both Gamers Unite! and the Snag Bar. This bullying has actually drawn more people to Gamers Unite! than anything we've ever done ourselves. People who saw such posts, as well as people who saw Gamers Unite! members responding to the lies, misinformation, and rumors with the truth, began flocking to the site in large numbers. Many who visited and found out for themselves what Gamers Unite! is all about ended up becoming a member and/or "liking" our Fan Page.

So from fewer than 7,000 "likes" at the end of March to over 107,000 "likes" at the end of May (30,000 of those "likes" have been in the past week alone - and that number doesn't count those Gamers Unite! members who have joined the site but not clicked the "like" button on our Fan Page). That is just awesome! Thanks so much to everyone who participates on this site with your tips, information, and questions. And thanks to everyone who has promoted Gamers Unite! by spreading the word on what this site is all about.

But especially thanks to all the Gamers Unite! haters out there for giving us so much free press and advertising. We couldn't have done it without you. :)

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12-em-plus add reply

Okay. 5 days ago, our Fan Page had over 107,000 people who "liked" it. That number has grown a little bit since then. Not only will our haters not like that, but they will really not like a second number I'm including for y'all.

As of 1:24 PM CDT on June 5, 2010:

*Fan Page "likes": 137,079.

*Number of monthly active Gamers Unite! users: 1,179,342


So I wrote this post less than two days ago. Since then, 16,000 more people have "liked" our Fan Page, bringing our new total to over 123,000. But think about this, guys.......... being a member of Gamers Unite! does not automatically "like" our fan page for you. You still have to click the "like" button. Just think about how many people are members that haven't "liked" us. :)


corrected title...107k people LOVE Gamers Unite


Wow can't believe I missed this post. Thank you so much for writing this Alan. Can't believe it's only been couple of months!


Thought you would like it, Chao. :)


GU rocks :-D


Nice history of GU!, Alan :)


You're very welcome, Christine.


Thank you AAllen and everyone else at GU for maintaining such a GREAT site!

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