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Light-bulbZynga Texas Holdem Poker : How to make bankrol in Zynga Texas Hold'm Poker

by Kurt Van Put - Jul 10, 2011 Star_s22,775 views

<span style="font: /normal "Times New Roman"; color: #000000; text-transform: none; text-indent: 0px; letter-spacing: normal; word-spacing: 0px; white-space: normal; border-collapse: separate; orphans: 2; widows: 2;"><span style="text-align: left; color: #333333; line-height: 16px; font-family: "lucida grande", tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px;">How to make bankrol in Zynga Texas Hold'm Poker
</span></span>Daily Lottery

Visit the game each day and you're automatically entered into the daily lottery!

Win up to $1M chips!

Be realistic ... you not gonna win $1m .. but every day u can win up to 10k

what you have to do is send chips to friends

every friend that accept chips will give you a bonus


Tournaments is better if you have a low stack of chips.

Shootout Multi-Table Tournament

Buyin for $2k chips and win up to $500k chips! You spend only 2K and can win up to 500K

Earn through offers

Every day that you log in and play you earn free chips.

Boost Your Chip Stack

Get better by playing with the best-hit the high stakes tables!

*If you want to play on a table you nee 20 times the buy in and you need to buy in with max buy in

otherwise you are not strong enough to visit that table

Other way to get some extra chips.

Challenges :

Easy Money : 1000

3 to get : 4000

Risky : 5000

Knockouts : 7000

Hattrick 8000

this are the challenges that you can do and will bring some extra chips

25K each time when u finish them all... if you have enough friends to finish them also and help

then you can do it more times in a day ( 25K * the times that you finish them )


When you play on low stack table ... you can earn a lot of collectibles otherwise you have 2 options

- Send and receive collectibles

- Ask them to friends... ( Dices is the best payed to redeem ) in total u can redeem every collection ones in 24h

so what you can make =

Minimum :

10 k with claiming your daily bonus ( 3 times in a day with zynga toolbar )

25 k with Challenges each time

45 k with redeem collection

extra with daily offers like

' claim from friendsfeed '

' Daily briefcase '

' Level up '

' achievments '

Tournaments up to 500K with shootout

a 10 K sitngo table with 9 persons ... brings you 45K

so a total of 100k in a day without spending a lot of money is easy
any questions? ask me ... and remember if u are generous and send to friends they send u back ;)