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Light-bulbchips stolen

by Sameer Shivdasani - Mar 10, 2010 Star_s4,552 views

hi my chips were stolen few days back, i got message from some regarding that we are from zynga and u have won a daly lottery of 50,000,000 and 50 gold just click the link and enter your email and password i did that and all my chips were stolen, and then i send a message to zynga regarding all this and i also send them that link and with help of zynga i got my chips back within 2 day and they told me that zynga never ask for id and password from any one so my tip is that never click that kind of link and if u do this by mistake contact zynga asap zynga will try there best to get your chios back, thanks a lot

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hi I read that u lost your coins from texas holdem poker . PLEASE can u give me the correct address which u wrote to complain to zynga. I ALSO GOT A SIMILIAR PROBLEM WHEREBY LOSING OVER THREE MILLION CHIPS/COINS AND WAS LEFT WITH ONLY ABOUT TEN THOUSAND AFTER THE COMPUTER WAS NOT OPERATING WELL PLAYING POKER.,, thank you take care and will u be my buddy too


I've got the several of those requests. Never ciicked it though. I wrote a mail to Zynga asking if it was fake or real.

"Facebook-hackers" even send "Cancellation Locking"

Cancellation Locking
22. november 2011
Cancellation Locking

Your account has been reported by others for reasons that are not allowed on facebook,
1. Your use of excessive application.
2. Identity fraud on your account.
3. You write content that is not fun (ROUGH).
4. Using images disturb other users, or offensive.

We are willing give you another chance and restore your account.
If you agree to these reinstatement terms,
Please click here :

please make confirmation if you feel there is an error,
if you do not confirm, the system will automatically close your facebook account permanently,
with the presumption that such indication is correct.

The facebook team.
Cancellation Closing

Notice !!!
your account will be locked.

Fаcebook requires users to confirm the account as the respective proof of the authenticity of that account owner.
This is in because many people using false identities in their profile violates our Тerms of Use which can be lead to blocking your account or your account will be locked.

To confirm your email address, follow the link below:


(If clicking on the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it into your browser.)

We apologize for the disruption of our services
thanks for your understanding.

Fаcebook Inc™
Тerms of Use. Privacγ Policy
1601 S.California USA, Palo Alto,CA 9430
All rights reserved.
© Cоpyrіght 2011 Facebook Rescue ™©
Golden Winner

♣ Golden Winner Zynga™ ♣

♣ Dear Nina Frivold

♣ Congratulation !!!

♣ You get reward from Save The Children Partners with Zynga.

♣ Please check and claim your reward soon.

♣ Get your reward by clicking the link or image below :

----------------------> IF YOU GET ONE OF THESE MAKE SURE YOU REPORT PAGE <----------------------
more tips!
Facebook help senter: https://www.facebook.com/help

we can't beat the hackers, but we can be smarter ;)


"send me".


if any site asks you for your password in a link its pretty certaim its a hacker


i got the same message n i too was hacked i contacted zynga within 5mins of getting hacked and they didnt return mine hmmm lucky you lol


where can i get that link?cant find it.pls help so that zynga poker give back my stolen chips.tnx

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