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Light-bulbI need help for Level 135 Please

by Kathleen Luty - Mar 27, 2013 Star_s146,459 views

I've been stuck on Level 135 for a few weeks now, I know what to do but just can't do it. I can usually do the wrapped candies once, but you need to do it twice. Has anyone any hints or tips. It is so frustrating. I know you have to get a T or an L to get a wrapped candy but I don't know how to plan the moves so that I get a T or L lol. Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 135 has changed, feel free to check this thread for Candy Crush Saga Level 135 for a video walkthrough or start a new thread with your specific problems. =) 


To effectively and efficiently clear this level, you need to understand about selection, positioning and playing to the objective of this level. Essentially this is in the generic strategy I have written to help any players wanting to achieve high levels in this game without spending a single cent on boosters and without using cheats. Read the strategies all here http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/p/generic-strategies-for.html
When you are ready for the video, click here http://candycrushsagabylengguanho.blogspot.sg/2013/06/candy-crush-saga-level-135.html


Hi here a vid for the very hard level 135! with explanation! hope you pass it soon!




I can't figure out how to get one wrapped candy let a lone 2 together.


I was stuck for almost 2 months, then found that the PC/laptop version changed and you only need to get 6 packages.


did anybody niotice how for level 135 when you click on the bubble that tells you what kind of level it is, it says you need to collect a certain number of the colored candies, but when you actually start the level, you have to get swap 2 wrapped candies twice??


You make it look so easy lol. I think if and when I do it it will be a fluke, but I'll keep trying.


I had to struggle a lot with Candy Crush Saga Level 135, I really feel your pain, but I finally managed to pass this level and made a video of it, I dedicted it to you gamers in this thread. <3 



same here, been on it forever


I can get the first 2 fairly quickly. but always have trouble getting the other 2. I've very nearly done it a few times. It's very frustrating.


I'm stuck there too :( I usually worry more about the chocolate is what makes me lose -_-

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