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Are the Manual Links not posting?

by SaturnGrl - Jun 01, 2015 Star_s220 views

So, despite losing the Snagbar, which worked wonderfully and I was sad that Facebook had forced GU to shut it down, the links page still had a caption of "We are very sorry but we had to shut down the Snag Bar so we can't fetch your feed anymore but you can still post your links manually."

I've tried posting my links manually after I finally managed to log in, but I am not seeing any links generating from other users. Is it because we lost the Facebook Login option? Or is the Manual Links option just gone as well?

I would really like to share links again since the Zynga Forums "Facebook Link Sharing" threads have failed to yeild much assistance. In reference to come we cannot post our Facebook Item links in THESE forums as well? If the manual inputs for links is not working, then why not let users post a Link Exchange in the forums?

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Amy Wong - Jun 03, 2015

HI SaturnGrl, thanks for notifying us of the bug. You are right that it wasn't posting the links correctily and we are working on a fix right now.

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