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UPDATE: Firefox 36 is now working - Using Snag Bar to see your game feeds and the Firefox 36 issue

by Amy Wong - Mar 10, 2015 Star_s11,940 views

Update: 5/18/2015: We are very sorry to say we are no longer able to continue supporting the Snag Bar. Thank you for all your support and you can read more details here.

Since Facebook announced that the read_stream permission will be deprecated (which means no Facebook app can see your wall to find any feeds), we've been working on an alternate method to read your game feeds by using the browser's technology (the Snag Bar) instead of relying on their API. The promised deadline we were given by Facebook was April 30th, 2015. However, they started imposing the app limit very aggresively starting this month and made the Game Feeds, Link Exchange, and the Snag Bar not to work already.

Therefore, we decided to push out the new method so users can at least get some feeds instead of staring at a blank screen (or for the Snag Bar, the notorious Error 4). Since it's a new method, here are some things to keep in mind that are different from the old method.

  1. You need to have the Snag Bar installed. We now use the browser's technology to look for game feeds. We support all Facebook games for My Feeds pages so you can see feeds from specific games and collect them using the 1-Click Bonus; however, only selected games are supported for the actual snagging that automatically clicks on new posts. Some people were confused that all the games are supported for the snagging part, so we want to clarify that.
  2. We only look for in-coming posts. The technology we use isn't good at looking at past posts as we haven't found a good way to fetch them. However, as long as you have the Snag Bar installed, (you don't even need to turn it on if you are only using it for MyFeed and Link Exchange), we continuously check for new ones posted.
  3. You might not get posts if your browser is closed. Since we rely on the browser to continuously look for in-coming posts, once you close the browser it won't be able to do their work. We recommend you leave the browser open during the period you'd like to search for game feeds.

Around the same time, Firefox released it's new version 36. This caused the Snag Bar to not work also and we already notified the toolbar developer to work on the fix. As of now, the toolbar developers said they do have a fix and is in the testing phase so hopefully a fix will be shipped out soon this week. In the meantime, the Snag Bar works for Chrome and Firefox 35 and below. If you'd like to downgrade Firefox for now, you can do so from this link:

Mac English speakers, you can just click on this link. PC English speakers, this link should do.

We know the new method is not as good as the old method, but we haven't figured out how else we can get our game feeds after the Facebook change. We don't think anybody figured it out yet. If you do, please let us know :D and thanks again for all your support! Because of all the support you've given us, we didn't want to give up! Hopefully you still find the new method helpful in your game play!

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Amy Wong - Apr 21, 2015

@Angel, have you checked out this section on our help page?

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